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Stine Gry Johannessen

Advokat (H)

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Stine Gry Johannessen

Stine Gry Johannessen


Main area of practice

  • Criminal law
  • Police law
  • Civil service law
  • Employment law



  • Born 1968
  • MA (law), University of Copenhagen, 1996
  • LLM European Legal Studies, University of Exeter, 1996
  • Lawyer 1999
  • Right to appear before the Danish High Court 2006
  • Mediator 2007
  • Court-appointed 2014
  • Right to appear before the Danish Supreme Court 2018






Emilie Johannessen



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Client account: 6737 0001202606

Business account: 6737 0001202150

Please find the Stine Gry Johannesen Personal Data policy in this document.  (pdf)


In case of a bank’s bankruptcy, the depositors are covered pursuant to the Danish Act on guarantee scheme for depositors and investors. The guarantee amount covers a legitimate depositor’s funds up to an amount corresponding to EUR 100,000 (about DKK 750,000). The coverage maximum applies to the total deposit with the bank even though the funds may be deposited in various accounts, including in both client accounts and own accounts.

There are special rules for deposits regarding real estate if the real estate has been used for or is primarily for non-commercial purposes. In this case, an amount of up to EUR 10 million is covered up until 12 months after the amount was deposited and regardless of whether the deposit is in a separate account. More information about the guarantee scheme is available at the webpage of the Guarantee Fund at